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Disable menu icons in SMF 2.1

These pesky menu icons are default on SMF 2.1; but when customizing a theme for SMF 2.1, this can be annoying since more often than not it doesn't go ...


Jane2 2.1 SMF Theme

I always liked this theme and it was converted for SMF 2.1 by request. A very simple plane Jane2 responsive theme for SMF 2.1. Has your social media f...


Fusion 2.1 SMF Theme

A very simple responsive theme for SMF 2.1. Has your social media follow buttons, flat design and minimal. Our style is clean, flat and professional. ...


Wicked Backgrounds

This online tool will help you generate a beautiful website background. Choose your main color, a number of waves, the color mode and you are ready to...


Dark Mode Color Palettes

Dark Mode Color Palettes for Designers and Artists, a free inspirational color palette tool made for dark mode design. Yup, for those themers.Visit


Font-Awesome 6 Cheat-sheet

Font-Awesome 6 Cheat-sheet – Use this tool to easily find the Font-Awesome icons you need. The v6 Beta contains 13,841 total icons across 5 styles + b...


SMF 2.1 RC4 Released

Simple Machines is pleased to announce the release of SMF 2.1 RC4. Bugs reported and labeled for RC4 have been fixed along with improvements to securi...


Am I FLoCed?

Google is testing FLoC on Chrome users worldwide. This free tool will allow you to find out if you're one of them. Luckily, @vbgamer45 made a plugin f...