Fusion 2.1 SMF Theme

in Themes on 26 Aug 2021

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Fusion 2.1 Responsive SMF Theme

A very simple responsive theme for SMF 2.1. Has your social media follow buttons, flat design and minimal. Our style is clean, flat and professional. When you see our design out there, you'll know where it came from, idesignSMF.com

These themes are free for personal and commercial use. You are allowed to use it in your projects, change it and adapt for your purposes.
You are not allowed to remove the authorship and link to idesignSMF.com

idesignSMF Team
Mick is an American theme designer for Simple Machines Forum software currently living in South Florida, USA. He runs idesignSMF.com and started tinkering with SMF in 2006 where he created several SMF forums of his own before he founded idesignSMF in 2009 to which he is dedicated full time.

idesignSMF.com | SimpleMachines.org


Fusion 1.2 now available. Updated to SMF 2.1 latest template.
Hey, thanks for themes!

I have small problem with icon and text in News and Newsletters, can you please fix? I will post picture.



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