Collections Roundup #4

Written by Mick in Collections on 05 Jun 2020

"Collections Roundup #4"
Some animated CSS Gradient Border shots to keep you up-to-date with the coolest trends. Plenty of creativity in these awesome shots and for sure to give you ideas for your project.

1. Animated CSS Gradient Border by Mike Schultz

2. SVG Gradient Border button by fencepencil

 See the Pen  SVG Gradient Border - Button by fencepencil (@fencepencil)  on CodePen.

3. Gradient border + border-radius by Shaw

 See the Pen  Gradient border + border-radius by Shaw (@shshaw)  on CodePen.

4. Gradient border in pure CSS by Erik Martín Jordán

 See the Pen  Gradient border in pure CSS by Erik Martín Jordán (@erikmartinjordan)  on CodePen.

5. Animated gradient border around resizable content by Johnny Fekete

Mick is an American theme designer for Simple Machines Forum software currently living in South Florida, USA. He runs idesignSMF and started tinkering with SMF in 2006 where he created several SMF forums of his own before he founded idesignSMF in 2009 to which he is dedicated full time.

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