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With a commitment to quality content for the SMF community, we craft responsive SMF themes for the popular free software Simple Machines Forum and dedicated to provide useful tutorials, web development, resources, insightful articles and creative inspiration.
Latest news about Simple Machines community and idesignSMF, plus pure rants.

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Last post: 18 Jul 2021 SMF 2.1 RC4 Released by Mick

Find in-depth how-to's involving common Simple Machines Forum development and design techniques.

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Last post: 03 Sep 2021 Disable menu icons in SM... by Mick

Theme Support for your SMF 2.0 and the latest 2.1 installation. From fixed and fluid themes, to new responsive themes.

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Last post: 03 Dec 2021 Re: Type-R 2.1 SMF theme by Mick

Modifications for your SMF 2.0.x installation. We present some idesignSMF mods to help you get the most of your SMF installation.

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Last post: 18 Oct 2021 Re: CarDomain Profile Fi... by landyvlad

Beautiful inspiring examples of graphic design, mockups, presentation templates, websites, fonts, icons, and more.

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Last post: 04 Dec 2021 2022 Color Trends – What... by Mick

Collections features the latest news and resources from the web design & web development community.

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Last post: 06 Aug 2020 Collections Roundup #6 by Mick

Here you can find a number of deals, offers and affiliate links for web professionals from our sponsors and friends!

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Last post: 10 Mar 2021 Stunning Sans Serif Font... by Mick

See what we're currently working on. Sometimes ideas dead in the water or simply too complex.

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Last post: 25 May 2020 Re: Board Index Concept ... by Elvinson Lejed

Professional & Impressive. We provide top quality free SMF themes with excellent support.