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Titled Links
Description: Titled Links

Created By: SlammedDime
Taken Over: Mick G.
Updated By: Mick G.
Compatible: SMF 1.1.16, SMF 2.0.2
Visit us at

Using this mod will give URLs posted in your topics an automatic title.  I saw this on another forum I visit and thought it to be pretty nifty, so I coded this up for SMF.

If a user posts a link outside of [url] [/url] bbcode tags, this mod will find them, look up the webpage, get the title, and replace the link with a bbcoded url with the webpages title... similar to below:
will be transformed into

My Website Title

If the page or title cannot be found, the URL in the post is not changed.

This change is made when the post is made or edited, it is not done on the fly, as that may cause lags in load time.

There are also options in the admin interface for Posts so you can turn this feature on or off, and also limit the number of URLs to convert.

convert_urls.php is a tool that can be used to convert all urls in existing messages to titled urls.  I have tested this on a message table with 12,000 messages and it worked as it should, but I cannot promise that it will always work.  Any errors should be reported to the topic for this mod.

1. Download from the Mod Site.
2. Upload to your forum using the built-in Package Manager.
3. Install using the built-in Package Manager.

For best support, please visit


2.1: Updated to SMF 1.1.16 & 2.0.2 by Mick G.,
2.0: Updated to SMF 1.1.14 & 2.0 by Mick G.,
1.2: Taken over by Mick G., updated for RC3/1.1.11
1.1b: Same bug, typo...
1.1a: Bug with URLs that had regex characters in them.
1.1: No code changes, just updated installer for 1.1.3.
1.1: Added settings to 'Posts And Topics'.  Removed XSS vulnerability.
1.0: Initial Release