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SMF Content Slider v.1.1
SMF Content Slider v.1.1 (2).zip

SMF Content Slider
By Mick


Credits: Land Of Coder

This Jquery plugin may not play nice with others


Bug Fixes / Updates
1.) Created v.1 | March 2011
2.) Made input area boxes larger | March 2011
3.) Fixed xhtml compliance | July 2011
4.) Removed motools file from package and now uses Google's motools. | July 2011
5.) Changed the behaviour as to not to show everywhere in the forum. | Serptember 21st 2011
6.) Updated to SMF 2.0.1 | September 21st 2011

*This mod installs a content slider below the menu in the header of your SMF forum installation.

*Easy to use. Simply add the URL to topics or external pages, URL to images and add a short description.

*Images work best if cropped to 900x300 pixels.

If you need support or need customize help, please post in the thread at or @ Thanks!


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