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Private Message Warning

Creating a very simple warning message when users private message each other. In this case, I wanted a specific warning shown when sending a private mes...

Accordion block for your sidebar

Here's a decent accordion script useful on sidebars if your site needs plenty of links for better user navigational experience. Extremely easy to put tog...

Stylize the Member list template

"Stylize the Member list template"

We're going to stylize the member list outdated template with a modern style using CSS styles to rid the old table...

Stylize the topic Tags for SMF

"stylize topic tags for smf mod"

We're going to add some styling to the topic tag mod to make it look purdy from the boring and plain link state. I've...

Social Icons Snippet

"social icon snippet"

Let's create a very easy and simple social icons block with Font-Awesome icons in an HTML block with your favorite portal of choice. ...

Simple Recent Topics Block

"Recent Topics

Let's create a very simple recent topics block using SMF's own SSi function without modifying the SSI.php file. In this tutorial we're...

Responsive SMF Contact hack

"Responsive captcha"

Let's replace the old SMF Contact Page form with a responsive style by ridding the old table and using CSS only. I've always...

Collapsible Content Block

Create an accordion (collapsible content) using an HTML block in your favorite portal. Accordions are useful when you want to toggle between hiding and sh...

Highlight posts with a button

Highlight pieces of text in your posts and other parts of your forum using a bbc button in SMF. A light background color will wrap your texts to call your ...

Private Message Count Icon

Let's create a cool looking Private Message Sidebar Icon Count with CSS, HTML and PHP. The message count will increase upon new messages received. Nice color...
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