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Facebook Like Mod

wow, you're right.  Ill look into this.  Thanx bro  ;)

i want to replace this

kookiez likes • Yahoo™ • on

is it possible? like i want to make it Google instead of

thank you, great script btw

it's not working nemore

Any chance of modifying the mod to add "Like" to individual replies?


I`am using the Facebook Like v.2.0 mod. It works very good.

But only one question! Is it possible to change the languague to german and turkish? I mean only the one sentence in the topic. I thought, i can change it in the xml file...but i haven't seen this sentence below:

The forum is set to german.

Open index.template.php



...and replace en_US for the language you seek.

Try 'rus' or 'ru' for russian.

Thank you. I found it in the Display.template.php


please can you take a look here? I wrote something for you.

Thanks. need it for

Thanks BlueDevil for this ... This is a great mod. I just have a couple questions. I would like to have the FB Like button for each post on each thread. I dont want it linked with the actual FB account though. We run a public forum and some people are picky about who knows what and what the "public" can know and not know. So in essence I would like the FB like button just to be for the site itself and not attach itself to your fb account. Im running SMF 1.1.15 / Tinyportal 1.104 which seems to be another problem because SMF 1.1.15 is not supported. =/ So any help would be appreciated. Sorry but Im a noob at this. Thanks in advance.

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