Instagram Feed Without the API

Mick in Tutorials on Nov 29, 2019
"Instagram Feed Without the API"
Share your latest Instagram pics on your website without using the access token with this responsive and customizable Instagram Photo Gallery plugin.

Let's create an HTML block (preferably a bottom block) and add this:

<div id="instagram-feed" class="instagram_feed"></div>

<script src=""></script>
<script src="[member=905]master[/member]/jquery.instagramFeed.min.js"></script>
        $(window).on("load", function(){
                "username": "instagram",
                "container": "#instagram-feed",
                "display_profile": true,
                "display_biography": true,
                "display_gallery": true,
                "callback": null,
                "styling": true,
                "items": 8,
               "items_per_row": 4,
                "margin": 1

Replace "Instagram" with user name.

                "username": "instagram",

To display the profile or not, simple use true or false.

                "display_profile": true,

To display the biography or not, use true or false.

                "display_biography": true,

The total of images, change to whatever number you desire.

                "items": 8,

Items per row, change accordingly.

               "items_per_row": 4,

GitHub - jsanahuja/jquery.instagramFeed: Instagram Feed without access token. Not using the Instagram API

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