6 Hard to Resist Icon Sets

Mick in Inspiration on Nov 03, 2019

Creative Market is an online place for awesome goodies showing the best of the best designers from all over the world. There is no secret that you can find high quality vectors, templates, photos, icons and fonts.

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Set of space icons and monograms in flat style drawing with grey, white, color lines on different backgrounds.

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Wouldn't finding 4800 icons in one pack be awesome! This compact pack does offer this many line icons at one place.

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Your social and contact essentials. 12 social media and platform icons. 12 eye-catching styles.

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Without the unnecessary copies made to enchance the overall amount of icons. No rotation-based silliness, mirroring and stuff like that.

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Each icon is beautifully blended in colors which makes it visually attractive without compromising the quality and intended expression of the visual.

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Male and female characters colorful flat round icons with business national cartoon people to use in various ways.

Reference: https://creativemarket.com/

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Mick G

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