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Reading Progress Indicator

Mick in Tutorials on Nov 02, 2019

A very cool and simple scroll indicator in the top of the header using CSS and Javascript as seen right here on idesignSMF. It is also responsive and scrolls back as you go back up.

The CSS:
Open Themes/YOUR THEME OF CHOICE/css/index.css and at the very end add:

.header-progress-bar {
       position: fixed;
       top: 0;
       z-index: 9999;
       width: 100%;
       background-color: transparent;
.progress-container {
       width: 100%;
       height: 4px;
       background: transparent;
.progress-bar {
       height: 4px;
       background: #336ca6;
       width: 0%;

Open Themes/YOUR THEME OF CHOICE/index.template.php and find:

function template_body_above()
global $context, $settings, $options, $scripturl, $txt, $modSettings;

echo '

Add after:

		<div class="header-progress-bar">
  <div class="progress-container">
<div class="progress-bar" id="myBar2"></div>


function template_html_below()
global $context, $settings, $options, $scripturl, $txt, $modSettings;

echo '

Add after:

  // When the user scrolls the page, execute myFunction
window.onscroll = function() {myFunction()};

  function myFunction() {
var winScroll = document.body.scrollTop || document.documentElement.scrollTop;
var height = document.documentElement.scrollHeight - document.documentElement.clientHeight;
var scrolled = (winScroll / height) * 100;
  document.getElementById("myBar2").style.width = scrolled + "%";

Reference: How To Create a Scroll Indicator

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Mick G



Mick is an American theme designer for Simple Machines Forum software currently living in South Florida, USA. He runs idesignSMF and started tinkering with SMF in 2006 where he created several SMF forums of his own before he founded idesignSMF in 2009 to which he is dedicated full time and has a weakness for Tacos and Pizza.


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