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Add category link to SP article post

Mick in Tutorials
Mar 20, 2013

The one thing SimplePortal forgot to do was the need to show where this article was posted in your category list next to the time posted and the author's name. We're going to use the simple code below and add it to the PortalArticles.template.php to get the effect we want.

', $txt['postedin'], ' ', $article['board']['link'], '

Instead of looking like this:
Mick ? 1 hour ago ? 0 Comments

Will look like this:
Mick ? Posted in Scripts & Tuts ? 1 hour ago ? 0 Comments

In Themes/default/PortalArticles.template.php


			echo '
<div class="middletext">', $article['message']['time'], ' ', $txt['by'], ' ', $article['poster']['link'], ' | ', $txt['sp-articlesViews'], ': ', $article['topic']['views'], ' | ', $txt['sp-articlesComments'], ': ', $article['topic']['replies'], '</div>';

Replace with:

			echo '
<div class="middletext">', $txt['postedin'], ' ', $article['board']['link'], ' ', $article['message']['time'], ' ', $txt['by'], ' ', $article['poster']['link'], ' | ', $txt['sp-articlesViews'], ': ', $article['topic']['views'], ' | ', $txt['sp-articlesComments'], ': ', $article['topic']['replies'], '</div>';

In Themes/default/languages/index.english.php
At the very end add:

$txt['postedin'] = 'Posted in';

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